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We’ve been kind of busy here in the ‘Hood lately, doing some really awesome stuff.

I somewhat reluctantly accompanied my friend to see her favorite band, Kasabian, when they came to D.C. I was reluctant only because I was so very unfamiliar with their music. What little I’d heard was a bit too . . . ethereal for my taste. But I love this friend dearly, and no evening out with her is ever bad, so of course I was on board.


Serge, just being Serge.


We had a really, really good time, and not just because the show was fabulous and my friend was reduced to little-girl squeals of delight and she got to meet members of the band. No, the best part for me is what I always experience when this friend and I get together: a return to myself.

As mothers, our world often becomes our children. That is as it should be, as far as I’m concerned, (though that’s not a universally-held belief). I love being a mother almost as much as I love my children themselves, and I would not change my status as full-time mom unless I had no other choice.

But the fact remains that we are not only mothers: we are still women; still citizens; still wives and volunteers and professionals and writers and neighbors and learners and many, many other things as well. It is easy to get so wrapped up in our children’s lives and caretaking that we — I forget about the rest of me. Worse, I often remember the real me but relegate her to lowest woman on the totem pole.

Going to these clubs and concerts with my friend makes me not just honor those parts of me that are so often shunted aside to make way for parenting; it makes me feel as though all my parts are whole again. (more…)


Beach Bound!

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Aengus, Noah

After several years of Aengus begging for a beach trip, we finally made it. It was only for a weekend, but still — we had a blast!

Sunshine! On our skin! Ack!

Our hotel was pretty nice, for starters: oceanfront, kitchenette, 2 queen beds in a separate bedroom, plus a sofabed for Aengus. And a balcony, for Jason and his filthy habit. (X_X) Both an indoor and an outdoor pool, pool bar, free breakfast buffet, and right on the boardwalk. Very nice.

Noah and Shelby were able to walk the Strip and buy themselves junk food and hang out on the beach at will, which I think they rather enjoyed. But they also chose to stay with the rest of the family much of the time, which was nice. ❤

Aengus absolutely LOVED swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand. Mostly, he loved being crashed around by the waves — which scared the complete shit out of me! Oh, ha ha, the all-powerful ocean is tumbling you around like a fly in a toilet bowl. What fun. {SMH} I was a basket case the whole time, and even more so when a man nearly drowned nearby.


Edit: Did I really never finish or publish this? What the hell is wrong with me? I have no idea what else I’d planned to say about the trip, sorry. But we had a lot fun! This year’s trip will be to NYC, in honor of Noah’s 18th birthday. SOB.