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We’ve been kind of busy here in the ‘Hood lately, doing some really awesome stuff.

I somewhat reluctantly accompanied my friend to see her favorite band, Kasabian, when they came to D.C. I was reluctant only because I was so very unfamiliar with their music. What little I’d heard was a bit too . . . ethereal for my taste. But I love this friend dearly, and no evening out with her is ever bad, so of course I was on board.


Serge, just being Serge.


We had a really, really good time, and not just because the show was fabulous and my friend was reduced to little-girl squeals of delight and she got to meet members of the band. No, the best part for me is what I always experience when this friend and I get together: a return to myself.

As mothers, our world often becomes our children. That is as it should be, as far as I’m concerned, (though that’s not a universally-held belief). I love being a mother almost as much as I love my children themselves, and I would not change my status as full-time mom unless I had no other choice.

But the fact remains that we are not only mothers: we are still women; still citizens; still wives and volunteers and professionals and writers and neighbors and learners and many, many other things as well. It is easy to get so wrapped up in our children’s lives and caretaking that we — I forget about the rest of me. Worse, I often remember the real me but relegate her to lowest woman on the totem pole.

Going to these clubs and concerts with my friend makes me not just honor those parts of me that are so often shunted aside to make way for parenting; it makes me feel as though all my parts are whole again. (more…)



Posted: March 13, 2012 in Aengus, Noah
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What the hell happened to winter??? It’s March already, and we had only two snowfalls this year — one was before Halloween, which is just crazy. It seems like it’s been spring for ages already.

At any rate, my mom visited us last weekend, which was wonderful. She let me play with her new toy, and I now have a serious case of iPad 2 envy.


  • Aengus, left, on my iPad; and my mom, right, on her fancy-shmancy iPad 2.
  • We all played mini golf together, which was an absolute blast, and we went out to eat at the Wood Grill Buffet.

    Let me tell you: if you ever need to feel better about yourself, head to a buffet. Holy shit.

    We also tried shopping in downtown Harrisonburg, where “Restaurant Week” was just beginning. Turns out that the only places open in downtown Harrisonburg on a Sunday are the restaurants.

      And they wonder why our economy is flopping like a fish on a river bank.

    But wait! One other place was open: the art gallery/store. It was really quite nice to look at locally-created sculptures, jewelry, paintings, and wood carvings. I love that Noah enjoys such things (and wish there were more galleries around here), and it was nice to have an opportunity to explain art to Aengus.

    I miss having art in my life. I miss a lot of things that I put away in exchange for parenthood. I’m not entirely sure why I would do such a thing. My children may not share my passion for, say, architecture, but that’s no reason to live a life devoid of these pleasures. And as it turns out, the boys actually enjoy art and architecture quite a lot.


    This week: Friday night was family night at the shooting range. ::sigh:: We are coming dangerously close to belonging here in Asscrack. Let the record show, though: my target had the tightest grouping in the family — and it was my first time!

    (No pictures of my awesomeness, of course. No one ever takes my picture. I hope they regret it one day, motherfuckers. That’s okay, I don’t mind.)

    I didn’t see much of the family on Saturday, as I was working in the morning and enjoyed some time with friends in the afternoon. But we did eat blackberry pie and watch Hugo together that night, which was . . . not as good as I was expecting. On both counts.

    I found a this on the clearance rack at the store yesterday.


    Why would I buy a broken bunny, you ask? Well for starters, it was only two dollars. That chocolate’s worth at least that much, in any form. But the real reason is because I have plans. Easter plans. Plans that require a few supplies from the craft store and a mangled chocolate bunny. 🙂

    When I told Aengus my idea, he showed the kind of excitement for creativity I haven’t seen from him in . . . Well, ever.

    Stay tuned.

    I didn’t think this would ever happen. Veteran unschoolers have insisted it would; I’ve been waiting for it so long that I’d almost given up. But, after a year-and-a-half with the Xbox and three years of unschooling, it has finally, blessedly happened: my kids have gotten bored.

    And by “bored,” I mean bored enough to say something to me, thereby risking being given chores or academic work.

    So, bored silly.

    This is a good thing — a great thing, in fact. Boredom, like necessity, gives birth to many amazing things. In Noah’s case, that’s meant fiddling around with photography a bit (no doubt inspired by his girlfriend).

    Aengus, on the other hand, simply started whining. So, we calculated how much money he has and how much more he needs to buy the next game. I also insisted he listen as I read from Story of the World, Volume One (“The Earliest People” – history) to my daycare kid. I knew that if he just gave it 30 seconds of his time, he’d actually be interested; and sure enough, he was. I’m hoping he’ll want to hear more today, and maybe even do a few of the activities. Cross your fingers for us.

    We’ve also been watching a phenomenal amount of LOST, and I am constantly amazed by how well he picks up on the littlest clues and details. He’s like having my own little pop-up video/LOST for Dummies commentator.

    One of the many things LOST has inspired in him is a desire to camp out in our yard, by himself. And although he said he’s be okay with using our tent, what he really wants to do is build a structure from found materials, like this:

    Ummm . . . Okaaay. I’ll get right on that, Aengus. Anyone have a spare fuselage sitting around that we could borrow?