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On Friday night, we finally made our way to my parents’ boat for the first time in far too long. As my parents’ marina, Parkside, is a bit too quiet for kids and lacks a swimming pool, we motored over to Mears Point Marina in Kent Narrows on Saturday morning.

We enjoyed the two hour sail, but were glad to dock the boat and turn the A/C back on! To me, motoring on the Chesapeake means something like a roller coaster ride; my dad’s boat during my childhood was an 18′ runabout. But my parents are lucky enough to now have a boat too large for those pesky waves to toss it about too much. Aengus complained about the rocking of the boat; I thought it wasn’t rocking enough!

We enjoyed the Mears pool on Saturday and walked around the island a bit. We were treated to a seafood dinner, and Aengus learned how to eat crab. I learned that I do NOT like those clams that have penis-like organs sticking out of them.

I don’t care which ones they were — Littleneck or Cherrystone or whatever — I’m never eating clams again. They had the texture of the muck at the bottom of the bay. Blech!

Aengus and I taught Grammy how to play poker, and Noah played his guitar for us a lot. We also watched several movies (it was too damn hot to stay outside long) and went boat shopping. 🙂 I’ve decided on a trawler style, at least forty foot long, but it doesn’t matter to me if there are even engines in it. I’m happy sitting at the dock, music playing and drink in hand. ❤

I had been really looking forward to taking Noah to Red Eyes on Sunday because they had a band playing that I thought he’d like — and because Red Eyes is legendary. It’s such a popular bar that they need parking attendants and bouncers on Sunday afternoons, for crying out loud. Sadly, they also enacted their usual nighttime over-21 policy in the afternoon, too, and we couldn’t take the kids in.

So we did some more walking around, had some ice cream, and went swimming again. Later on, Grammy stayed on the boat with the kids while my dad took Jason and I back to Red Eyes for their weekly bikini contest. (Locals: Did you know the cover charge is up to $10 a person?!)

Oy. It was like a giant frat party. And I am too old (and too overweight) to immerse myself in that nonsense. So we rose above it all . . . and sat in the air-conditioned second floor of the building, while all the scantily-clad, drunk young’uns whooped it up outside. It was perfect: we had a great view but none of the heat or nonsense. The contestants danced like strippers (and several claimed to have children, but I can’t imagine they’ve given birth). It was all very low-class, so of course I was drinking beer. But the emcee was hysterical and totally made it worth the cover charge. I’d love to bring Noah and his friends back for his 21st birthday.

Monday came too soon. We had a wonderful lunch on our way back across the bay (excellent cream of crab soup), then packed up and headed home. The Wild Cherry is for sale, so who knows if we’ll have another weekend like this. Captain Jerry’s been doing this for thirty years, though, so I suspect he won’t be long without a boat.

Once a sailor, always a sailor.