In Which the Search for Life (and the Undead) in the Universe Continues

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Aengus, Noah, Parenting
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Aengus and I have spent hours poring over Google Earth [geography], searching for military bases. Specifically, looking for aliens in Area 51 and zombies in Germany.

So, as a mother and educator, I have to ask myself: to what extent do I enable/support this interest? I mean, theoretically at least, I support any interest that my kids fancy; if it’s important to them, there’s value in it, even if I don’t value it myself.

But seriously — aliens? Oh, okay, maybe I can get on board with that one a little. I have no doubt that if life could happen here, it most likely has happened somewhere else in this ginormous expanse we call the universe. But zombies?! I think the kid actually, truly believes Nazis were able to create zombies, and that the government is just hiding the evidence from us.

How long do I support such a crazy idea? I know he’s young and will likely outgrow this (good lord, I hope so!). But if I support him too much, won’t that just set him up for the inevitable fall when reality bites? And then what happens to our relationship? It’s one thing to discover at six years old that your parents lied to you about Santa. But to find out at ten or twelve that your parents knowingly guided you through deceptions . . . well, that just seems cruel.

For now, I’ve tread the line that divides passionate interest and crazy belief very carefully: I let Aengus know that the Nazis did, in fact, do a lot of psycho experiments, and that the government does actually know a lot that they don’t tell us. But I’ve also told him that zombies cannot physically, scientifically exist (despite the recent Zombie Apocalypse).

He doesn’t believe me.

In other news, the boys had sleepovers this weekend: Noah had his buddy Nick over for much gaming, and Aengus went to his bff’s house for . . . well, much gaming. Noah’s also been pulling apart some XBox controllers [mechanical engineering?], and Aengus has been diligently searching for and counting change. There’s a new map pack for Modern Warfare 2, you see, so he’s been counting his change . . . adding what he found in the sofa . . . working to earn more . . . subtracting what he has from what he needs . . . dividing the cost to come up with a fair portion for his brother to pay . . . negotiating with me to loan him some cash . . . adding 4.5% sales tax . . .

All thanks to video games.

  1. If kids can believe in Santa Claus then I think they should be able to believe in zombies too.

    That’s the magic of childhood.

  2. Stephanie says:

    While you’re going with the flow, supporting his interest, perhaps you could kick it up a notch? Maybe he’d be interested in reading some alternate history (Leviathan?) and chatting about what’s happened in history, what might’ve happened, and the realm of hmm … wouldn’t it have been wild if …??? šŸ™‚ Just a thought.

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