In Which Aengus Has a Crush

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Aengus
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Aengus came with me to the gym on Friday. He was a bit reluctant, as he thinks the kids’ room is for little kids. And he’s right; all the toys are for the younger set, so most kids his age bring their Gameboys. As he sold his a few months ago, that leaves nothing for him to do while I’m working out. And that’s why he hasn’t come with me yet, not once since I returned to the gym back in November.

For some reason known only to him, Aengus decided to join me on Friday. He started off doing laps on the track while I was working out (and he did quite a few, most at a full-on run). When he tired, though, he was left with no options but the kids’ room. He was reluctant, at best.

When I picked him up an hour later, I arrived to find him positively ga-ga over this little girl with long, blonde hair. With pink fingernails. Named Muriel.

Seriously, he could not look away from her. The moment we walked out the door, he asked if she’d be there again the next day. The boy was downright smitten.

I refrained from reminding him of the “T+A”s he’d written in hearts all over his notebook just the day before. Only because I’m not supposed to know about that.

I’m seeing a pattern here: his two favorite characters on LOST are Claire and Juliette — both blondes. His friend Tori (notice the “T”) has brown hair, but as she is as obsessed with video games as Aengus is, she gets a pass, I guess.

I adjusted to Noah dating because I love his girlfriend so much and because he was deeply in love with her — and only her — from the time he was . . . well, about Aengus’s age. But I’m not sure I can handle a son who plays the field. Not yet. Of the two, though, Aengus is totally the playa.

Can you hit puberty first, though, Aengus? Please?!


Aengus and his first special girl, Bear.

  1. Stephanie says:

    I hope it’s safe for me to write this here, since Aengus doesn’t read your blog. A while back (sometime this winter, I think) James told me he had a BIG secret about Aengus, but he couldn’t tell. Even his mom isn’t allowed to know.

    I said, “If it’s that he has a huge crush on Tori, his mom already knows.” James’s jaw dropped — “WHAAAT?? How did she find out??”

    Um … duh — she’s neither blind and deaf nor in a coma. Too funny.

    I am still scratching my head over your last post. I was assuming J. was the “BFF” with whom A quarreled, since you had his picture up there and everything. But J says there was no big argument. All he acknowledged was that A tends to get mad during shooter games. (Some people get a bit too competitive and aggressive when it comes to gaming *cough* … John … *cough*) Of course, I recently called J out on telling A to “SUCK IT” when they were on line. I let it pass because he was just joking … but sheesh!

    I have come to an important conclusion. You remember how we were told our daughters were reaching puberty too fast because of all the hormones in milk? VIDEO GAMING is causing a premature onslaught of testosterone in our sweet boys. Somebody needs to take out a grant to study this. 😛

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