In Which I Introduce Myself — Again.

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I may not move my blog around as much as a dear friend does, but still . . . it does seem like I’ve been a bit of a vagrant since my Xanga account was hacked. I lost my blogging groove (which was tenuous to begin with) during that transition period, and I only blogged a few times over at Blogger. I didn’t care for it much, so here I am at WordPress. I’m hoping this is the right ‘hood for da Hood. Bear with me as I find my way around the place.

For those who are new here, I am a full-time mother (yet staunch feminist — ponder the irony) in the asscrack of Virginia, known on your map as the Shenandoah Valley. I’m originally from Amish Country, so I was shocked to discover there are lamer places in the world than Lancaster, PA. Waaaayy lamer.

The boys in this Hood are my sons: fifteen-year-old Noah and nine-year-old Aengus. Oh, and their dad, my husband of (gulp) eighteen years, Jason. I sometimes forget about him.

Noah attended a year of half-day public kindergarten in Pennsylvania but has otherwise been homeschooled since he was four years old. His passions are music, playing video games with friends, music, his girlfriend (Shelby, my bff’s unschooled daughter), and music. He’s funny and quick with the snark, smart, can find a way to do just about anything against the odds (and the rules), and is incredibly musically talented. And once he gets past his teenage nastiness, I think we’ll be great friends again.

Aengus, on the other hand, has always been unschooled.  Never attended school or church a day in his life. He’s obsessed with his Xbox but still loves to run and jump and play outside. He’s incredibly competitive (something we’re trying to rein in without squashing altogether) and enjoys any game that comes his way. He frequently makes games up . . . the only problem being that the rules generally favor HIM. In fact, I think I’d call him GAME-schooled: most of what he’s learned so far has been thoroughly and completely through games. In a word? Aengus is . . . tenacious.

I’m a former kitchen designer whose passion was custom cabinetry design. My secret life’s dream was to be a Disney hotel designer, and I may return to that one day. Now, though, my dream is to take my family to Europe. Or, lacking their interest, taking off on my own for points east and coming back only when I’ve tired of all that history and culture. Screw ’em.

This blog is my record of the boys’ education; that is, where I try to translate what they’ve been doing into traditional educationese. I’m not as successful as some other bloggers, but I hope that non-homeschooling visitors will at least get the general idea. What I do is simply tell y’all what the kids have been doing, injecting the text with correlating academic topics, then tagging the post with the relevant school subjects. You’ll get the hang of it.

I think that’s enough of an intro to get you started. You’ll pick up everything else along the way, I’m sure. Here’s your song of the day, a musical version of my introduction:


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